The initial actions taken by a criminal defendant are vitally important.  If you have been arrested, you should obtain counsel at the earliest possible time.  Now that the state has arrested you, what should you expect?

First, you should consider planning your defense.  The Court is going to control the schedule and determine, with the attorney’s input, how long this case shall remain pending until it is resolved through a plea or trial.  In a misdemeanor case, speedy trial is 79 days.  In a felony case, it is 180 days.  In most instances, the court is pushing the parties to resolve these cases within that time frame.  Nonetheless, you have to complete discovery and learn what the State of Florida knows about your case.  This includes depositions, reports, witness statements, interviewing other witnesses that were not listed by the state, preparation of an alibi defense, and the like.

Also, we will waive your appearance for all future pretrial proceedings so you can remain at work!

We will meet with you and share alll of the evidence that we receive from the state, and obtain your input into the facts and the defense.

We provide a vigorous defense and have tried to verdict over 40 criminal cases, including DUI’s and life felonies.

Mr. Slama has served as an Assistant Public Defender, an intrern in the United States Attorney’s Office, a federal judicial law clerk, and has handled matters to the United States Supreme Court.  Having been a member of the Florida Bar since 1992, he has been involved in important litigation at all levels, including serving as a lecturer on DUI’s.

If you’ve been arrested, we’ve got your back.  Cal us TODAY for a  consultation.